In the Spotlight: Simon McNair

Company: Iron Mountain

Job Title: Business Development Director


What attracted you to the IRMS Conference event?

Great event with valuable combination of business and social engagements.

Where do you see the Information Record Management industry heading over the next few years?

Increasingly digital, data driven and automated. Innovative technology will disrupt the industry, question is how quickly?

When you think about the industry, what keeps you awake at night?

Data privacy and cyber threats

If you have been to the IRMS Conference event before, what was your highlight?

Keynotes and gala dinner speeches

What do you feel is the most pressing pain point of end-users in the industry for 2018?

Rapid proliferation of digital records and data

Who has helped shape your career, and how?

My first business mentor.

If a time machine could take you anywhere for one day, when/where would you go?

100m final Berlin 2009, to see Usain Bolt's 9.58s world record performance

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