Dennie Heye

Knowledge & Information Manager, Shell

Dennie Heye is an entrepreneurial information and knowledge professional at Shell who combines a passion for information & knowledge management challenges with an ability to think and act strategically. He works with all levels to develop plans and solutions that support organisational goals using information & knowledge management.

He promotes a collaborative approach and likes to work with different people to achieve results, be it to create the first intranet in a global company (1997), build a global virtual library (2002), or combine knowledge and records management into one solution and process (2014).

Dennie is a Fellow at SLA and is an active AIIM member (the global association of information professionals) where he was a founding member of the Oil & Gas Special Interest Group, a global virtual industry specific community. In his spare time Dennie pursues a reading challenge, mentors young information professionals and collects postcards from all over the world.about

Session Details

Tuesday 23rd May: 13.30pm - 14.00pm
Embedding Information and Records Management by Making it Simple and Attractive


In his presentation, Dennie will explain how his team successfully embedded simple yet effective records and information management practices in a global commercial team. He will explain the value of information management for Shell and the oil & gas industry in general, then focus on the case study of the Upstream Commercial / New Business New Development department. By linking information & records management to business priorities, simplifying and standardising the approach this has been successful for both the information management team and the customer department.

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