The 2017 IRMS Industry Awards will honour the following:

IRMS Innovation of the Year
Awarded for the best nominated new idea or system. 
2016 winner: Digital Transfer Project - The National Archives
IRMS Supplier of the Year
Awarded to the best nominated supplier
2016 winner: Box-it
IRMS Alison North Award for New Professionals
Open to those in their first 3 years in the profession- both those in employment and those in full-time or part-time study.  Entry is via submission of a written piece. The prize is attendance at the Conference (all expenses paid!).
2016 winner: Abigail Wharne
IRMS Team of the Year
Awarded to the outstanding nominated team of the Year.
2016 winner: Information & Records Management Service - Warwickshire County Council
IRMS Tribal Bulletin Content Award
Awarded to the author of the best content in the Bulletin. 
2016 winner: Alan Bell
IRMS Professional of the Year
Awarded to the nominated professional who has had the most outstanding year.
2016 winner: Michael Read
Records Management Lifetime Achievement Award 
Awarded to a professional of outstanding achievement over the term of their career.
2016 winner: Roger Poole
IRMS Innovation of the Year 
2016 winner: Digital Transfer Project - The National Archives

The IRMS also confers Fellowships and Honorary Life Memberships to individuals deemed deserving of these honours. For more information on the IRMS Industry Awards 2017 please email: or visit:

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